Why is color meaningful to translation?

There are several components that translators need to be aware of, besides language, such as color. Those that work in the advertising field are strongly aware of the importance of color. However, for those of us who don’t, how is color vital to us? Our logos, websites, business cards and even pictures of us wearing certain colors may be sending out a message to our targeted audience that we might not want them to receive. If I send business cards out of me wearing a white suit to Chinese clients I may be sending them a negative message as white in various  eastern cultures is reserved for funerals.  As one can recognize an understanding of the significance of color to a specific culture is vital for anyone doing business internationally.

Besides language and color, what other elements does a translator need to be aware of?

Primary Colors and What They Mean

Red Energy, excitement, action, danger, love, passion, a warning to stop, anger, Christmas combined with green, Valentine’s Day Prosperity, good fortune, worn by brides, symbol of joy when combined with white
Green lucky color in most western cultures, spring, new birth, regeneration, nature and environmental awareness, color for ‘go’ at traffic lights, Saint Patrick’s Day, Christmas combined with red, jealousy, greed new life, regeneration, and hope, fertility
Yellow Happiness, joy, hope, cowardice, caution, warning of hazards and hazardous substances Sacred, imperial
Blue trust and authority, conservative, corporate, peace and calm, depression,  sadness, “something blue” bridal tradition, masculine color, baby boys mortality

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