, A resource review, A resource review

I have been studying Spanish since the 9th grade. For those that aren’t familiar with the American school system that means I was about 15 years old. In the beginning of my new adventure of learning a foreign language it was easy to come by things to study. There was no need at that time to look any further than my school textbooks and there was plenty there for me to learn. Sometimes I felt like there was too much! As my proficiency in Spanish grew from a beginner to intermediate to advance I found the need to look beyond textbooks to more challenging resources. At a beginning or intermediate level I have found a large assortment of resources for vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and even speaking, but at the advance level the pickings were slim.

My personal goal was to find something to read online. I searched high and low. I read newspaper and magazine articles, some translation blogs and every once in a while I found a short story to read. The problem here was some of this material turned out to be quite difficult. So instead of reading for enjoyment and learning new words through context, which is how we acquire new words in our native tongues, I was spending hours looking up words. Doing this now and then can be challenging, but NOT every time!  If I did find something to read that didn’t require a dictionary for every third word, it was too easy. I needed something in between. Then it happened.

As I was searching for a short story in Spanish to read I came across It is a web app and Chrome extension that helps you learn by translating web sites and creating flashcards and word lists for you. You can upload or paste things you want to read, then click on words to translate them to your native tongue. Currently there are 16 languages that you can learn with more than 30 in beta testing. Readlang has a library of articles already available for all levels. What I like about their library is you can select something to read by difficulty and word count. Another great feature is the sidebar. By clicking on the sidebar you are immediately connected to (another favorite resource). Here you can translate the word and the site will create word lists and flashcards from your translation. The app organizes your word lists and flashcards by identifying each one by the title from where it came. The flashcards allow for editing and deleting, but the best feature of the flashcards is that not only are you given the word and its translation, but also the sentence that it came from. This allows you to learn from context.

I am excited about finding this site and look forward to using it more. I just read you can download videos and synchronize them to transcriptions! Back to learning!

If you try this site out please let me know what you think of it.

For more information, resources and fun in translations and language checkout my facebook page – Loro Translations!


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