Tricks for Remembering Words

I like this blog from Un Autre compté. I remember  using tricks like this to remember new vocabulary for Spanish.

Negar : to deny. Looks like  « negate »

Dormir : to sleep. Looks like « dormitory »

Crear : to believe. Looks like « creation »


What tricks do you use?

Tricks for Remembering Words


It can be difficult to remember what foreign words mean. It will take weeks or months of repetition to fully learn your vocabulary, but if you’re studying for a test in an accelerated course, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. One thing that helped me in my French courses was coming up with little tricks to remember words and grammar. I still remember some of them today, and would like to share them in the hopes that they help someone out:


  • Penser: to think. Looks like the word “pensive” (or “thoughtful”).
  • Deviner: to guess. Looks like the word “divination”.
  • Marcher: to walk. Looks like the word “march”.
  • Neuf: nine. Sounds like “enough”. The last single digit number.
  • Espérer: to hope. Sounds like “aspiration”.
  • Dessiner: to draw. Sounds and looks like “design”.
  • Puis-je: “May I…”. Sounds a bit like “please”.


  • Adjectives- “BANGS”- These types of adjectives go before nouns
  • beauty
  • age
  • number
  • goodness
  • size


  • Ending letters- “CaReFuL”
  • You typically do not pronounce the consonant at the end of a french word unlessthe word ends in C, R, F, or L.

Feel free to share any tips you have for remembering French vocabulary or rules. Or in any other language!



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