Putting Fun Into Your Language Learning


  • Read comic stripscomics
  • Read jokes
  • Learn lyrics to a song
  • Read a newspaper
  • Read a Blog
  • Write a Blog
  • Listen to a radio station
  • Pen pal
  • Watch a foreign movie
  • Trivia app
  • Find online friends
  • Set your phone interface to your target language
  • Cook from recipes in target language
  • Watch step-by-step culinary instruction videosCooking
  • Shop in ethnic grocery stores with imported goods
  • Eat out in an authentic restaurant
  • Schools, college campuses, and even churches or other religious organizations can be a great place to look for clubs.
  • Foreign/language Meetup-where you meet others with the same goal
  • Language exchange sites
  • Label everything in your home with Post It notes
  • Try playing “I Spy,” “20 Questions,” or Scrabble with a study partner
  • Play online video games – Computer-based games like MinecraftWorld of Warcraft and Team Fortress 2let you join group conversations and work cooperatively with others
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsAppin Europe and Latin America, Kakao Talk in Korea, Hi5 for latino, and in Spain use Tuenti
  • Twitch -To get an idea of what gameplay will be like in your target language
  • Looking for a fun way to practice vocabulary?  Each day, pick a different topic to focus on (e.g. animals, food & drink, or family members) and see how many words you can list for that topic





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