How Do Translators Help Immigrants

How Do Translators Help Immigrants

How do translators help immigrants? The obvious and simplest answer is we translate. Translators are an essential component to preventing inappropriate situations. Not only do they provide the correct corresponding words in their target language, they provide either by the choice of their words or by a side comment the cultural context. Translators are cultural liaisons. We take a foreign source document and make sense of it for the target audience. TranslatorHowever, translators do more than exchange words from a source language to a target language. Translators are a great resource for questions on culture; where to take English classes; and other community resources. So next time you have a question about language or culture feel free to contact your local translator.


Translators can:

  • Translate documents needed: to acquire green card, to marry a foreigner, to travel abroad, to live abroad, for adoption, for insurance
  • Explain cultural differences
  • Resource for English classes
  • Resource for community sources

Translators cannot:

  • Give legal advice

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