How music tunes you to language learning

This is a blog that one of my followers wrote about on the same topic I just recently covered. For me, this article is just further proof that there exists a connection between language and music!

Marta Frant

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If your kids want to listen to their favourite songs and refuse to do their homework, don’t rush into getting angry and punishing them.

A new study has shown that music and foreign languages aren’t mutually exclusive.

In fact, there are a lot of researches that have proved that music has a huge impact on the brain. Benefits of playing a musical instrument and healing power of music therapy are those things that have drawn my attention to this particular research.

The new study found a strong positive link between musical training and language performance. Those who listen to music on a regular basis increase their ability to perceive different sounds, distinguish subtle differences in pitch and rhythm, and improve their language perception as well.

I can tell you my own personal experience. As an infant, I used to fall asleep listening to Jean Michel Jarre’s songs (that were…

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