Tips on How to Learn a Foreign Language When You Don’t Have Time

By Denise Doty                       February 21, 2016

Work, chores, kids and school keep us all busy. It is difficult to find time to do much of anything else, especially learning a foreign language. However, there are times that are completely wasted when we can be learning, such as in our commute to work, whether it is by train or by car or even by walking to work, that time could be spent learning a foreign language. What about the time spent making dinner or doing other household chores? Do you watch TV while you do chores? Great! Then change the channel to the target language. In just a few minutes a day you can learn a language. It just takes consistency and lots of repetition. Here are a few ideas:

Flashcards – online or on your phone so when you have time you can run through them quickly.

Label everything– seeing things labeled will help reinforce that vocabulary.

Lists on mirror – create a vocabulary list and post it on the mirror so every morning you can review it.

Read – I would suggest reading something at or even slightly below your level. This will help reinforce sentence structure and grammar without the need to look up words constantly.

Audiobooks and YouTube– are great in the car or while you are jogging. If you are a Spanish speaker learning English check out

Sign up for the word/phrase of the day – many dictionaries have the option to receive a new word daily.

Carry a pocket dictionary – for those quick “I wonder how you say…” moments.

Journal – write in a journal your thoughts, what you did that day, anything, just write.


Let me hear your ideas, how do you practice when you have only a little time?


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