Benefits for Your Business When You Speak In His Language

Group Of International Business People Talking To Each Other In

Business is based on communication. Communication is pivotal to every facet of business. You need to know how to communicate in order to obtain, keep and service clients and to retain employee loyalty and encourage high employee performance. Globalization means that conducting business strictly in English is no longer an option. Being monolingual means missing key opportunities to grow and connect to untapped markets. It means a continuation of misunderstandings due to language and culture. There is a myriad of benefits to learning a foreign language for business.


Learning a foreign language is like unlocking a treasure chest that will follow you throughout your life. It will give you a greater chance of being successful in business. Foreign languages have proven their worth by enhancing cognitive and analytical abilities. Language learning improves test scores, they aid in multi-tasking, they help us be more perceptive and even help us make better decisions, especially financial ones. They will also assist you in understanding another culture and therefore will boost your ability to work with an international or intercultural workforce.


Learning a language not only benefits the employee but also the business. Even if an employee learns only a small amount of a client’s language, it is deemed as a sign of respect to that client. This helps in procuring, and amassing clientele. Businesses need bilingual representatives in order to service customers that prefer to conduct business in their mother tongue; to help ease an international merger, and to help provide growth opportunities for employees.


Globalization has indeed made the world smaller. Today, even though English is the current lingua franca, it is vital to the growth and sustainability of a business to have a workforce that has bilingual employees.


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