Oops, I made a mistake or Mistakes Language Learners Make

By Denise Doty 03/19/16

Mistakes are inevitable when learning a new skill. Learning a foreign language is no exception to this rule. In fact, I can guarantee you that you WILL make mistakes. Making a mistake when you are learning a foreign language is not necessarily bad though. Using the wrong word, such as a false cognate, can cause some laughter at times, but the good news is this minute embarrassment, will assuredly help in remembering the correct word. However, there are some mistakes that can be alleviated to make language learning a smoother and less stressful process.

  1. Not Setting Goals – Not setting goals is a great way to be unsuccessful. Goals give you:
    1. Focus
    2. Clarify your endgame
    3. Motivation
    4. Accountability
    5. Helps you do your best
  1. Taken on TOO Much – Taken on too much at one time can cause stress and a loss of motivation.
  1. Not Listening Enough – Listening is fundamental to understanding and communication. Not practicing listening makes understanding native speakers almost impossible.
  1. Not Speaking Enough – Like any skill, if you don’t practice how will you get better?
  2. Using Only One Resource – Using a variety of resources will help alleviate boredom and help keep you motivated.
  1. Using Unrealistic Materials – Use materials that are relevant. Materials that reflect real life are a great resource that once learned can be applied to everyday situations.
  1. Doubting Yourself – If you doubt that you can speak or understand a foreign language then you are right. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  1. Being Afraid Of Making Mistakes – Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, everyone does! Mistakes are the cornerstone of learning. They can actually assist in the learning process.
  1. Not having fun – Learning a foreign language should be fun, because there is such a variety of means in which to learn, not to mention you also will learn about a people’s culture.


To summarize I will leave you with this quote:

Quote about Mistakes



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