What is the worst language advice you’ve ever gotten?

Denise Doty  04/19/16



There many great ways to learn a foreign language, but what are some of the worst ideas for learning another language that you’ve heard?

  1. Buy an expensive language learning course

We all know in order to become fluent in a language it is vital to take an expensive class. Not true! Throughout my blog I have posted articles on how to learn a foreign language for free.


  1. You have to Travel Abroad

Where I agree that travelling abroad helps promote fluency, it doesn’t guarantee it. Many people when they travel or live abroad seek out others who speak a common language thus nullifying the entire living abroad experience.


  1. Study grammar and vocabulary lists

You can study grammar rules after grammar rules, and random lists of vocabulary, but if you don’t spend any time listening, speaking, writing or reading you will never be able to truly learn the language.


  1. Learn any vocabulary

The more words you know the better, right? Not necessarily, if you learn random, obscure words, what good would that do you? You still wouldn’t be able to communicate.


  1. Until you’re fluent don’t try to speak with a native speaker

Practicing with another person is one of the best things you can do. Most native speakers are happy to hear you try and will be most helpful in correcting any mistakes you make. Go ahead and try it!



                                  What is the worst advice someone has ever given you?








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