The Competitive Edge of Being Bilingual

The Competitive Edge of Being Bilingual

As the world becomes smaller and more connected it is even more vital to learn a language. Here is a list of how of being bilingual can give you an edge:


With 4 out 5 new jobs in the US created as a result of foreign trade it is no wonder that being bilingual is a desired skill.

Business Edge

For employees:

  • Better job opportunities
  • Better understanding of a multi-cultural environment
  • By having foreign language skills you become more marketable
  • High demand for bilingual candidates in the workplace
  • High demand for bilingual candidates in the military and government
  • Receive higher pay than monolinguals
  • Can assist in careers in law, education, computer science and medicine

For business owners:

  • Gives you more networking opportunities
  • Helps you think outside the box
  • Makes you look good to employees




It’s pretty simple, the more languages you know, the more people with whom you can communicate.

Social Advantage Edge

  • Improves your communication skills by developing better listening and speaking skills
  • Creates more positive attitudes and less prejudices
  • Understand your own culture and language better
  • Expands one’s view of the world
  • Makes people more tolerant and flexible
  • Breaks down barriers of fear and distrust
  • open the door to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, film, philosophy, science…
  • Builds confidence and self esteem
  • More chance of meeting someone and having a relationship
  • Builds social skills
  • Allows you to understand tv, radio and movies
  • Gives you an opportunity to help others by volunteer




Learning a foreign language gives you a hand up in all aspects of life.

Educational Edge

  • Builds cognitive skills
  • Helps brains to better resist distraction
  • Learn to make better decisions
  • Analytical skills improve
  • Develop better communication skills
  • Skills like problem solving, dealing with abstract concepts, are increased
  • Teaches respect for other people, languages and culture
  • Increases understanding of mother-tongue
  • Increases vocabulary in native language
  • Teaches attention to detail
  • Teaches perseverance, flexibility and multitasking
  • Improves your skills and grades in math and English and on the SAT and GRE.




Exercise is not only good for the body, but also good for the brain and what is better than learning a foreign language!


Health Edge

  • Reduce risk of dementia and delay Alzheimer’s
  • Better brain functionality
  • Enhances listening skills and memory
  • Enhances creativity
  • Able to focus better
  • Can multitask easily
  • Better decision making skills
  • Increased attention span



Enhance your travel experience by knowing even just a few words of the language, the natives will love it!

Travel Edge

  • More fun
  • More relaxing
  • Less expensive
  • Feel more independent
  • More confident
  • Sense of accomplishment when you understand
  • Create a unique connection with natives
  • Creates unique experiences
  • Easier





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