10 Things Monolingual People Will Never Understand 10

10 Things Monolingual People Will Never Understand 10

1. Wanting to learn a language for no reason whatsoever

Yes, I’m learning Haitian Creole. No, I’m not going to Haiti. And I’m not married to a person from Haiti. And I’m not working with people from Haiti. I just like the sound of their language!

Wanting to learn a language for no reason.gif

2. That feeling when you walk into a language bookshop

And it’s like walking into a sweet shop as a child. It’s magic.


3. That feeling when you’re watching a foreign film and you spot a mistake in the subtitles

They always mistranslate X – they should know better!


4. The urge to buy new language textbooks all the time even if you know you’re not going to use them

It’s always good to be prepared – just in case you need to find out something about Hungarian grammar…


5. The urge to follow strangers around just because you want to listen to their language for a little bit

And they won’t think you’re creepy at all!


6. That feeling when you manage to use a newly learned phrase in a conversation and get complimented on it

Because you tried so hard!


7. That there’s no such thing as a difficult language – there are only languages that you haven’t learned yet


8. That feeling when you tell somebody how a borrowing should really be pronounced

It’s not ‘caffay’!


9. Accidentally speaking a foreign language to people who speak your native language

Because you’ve got too many foreign words in your head!


10. That feeling when somebody asks you to say something in a foreign language



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