Learning Styles and Language Learning


Have you ever banged your head against the wall when studying lists of vocabulary or pull out your hair when trying to learn new grammar? Did you ever think it might be the way you are studying that may be the problem? There are many ways to study a foreign language, but not all ways are helpful to all people. The reason being is we all have distinct learning styles. These learning styles are what should dictate what methods should be used. Check out these four styles:


Visual Preference:

  • Student prefers demonstrations by the teacher
  • Student wants descriptions
  • Student uses lists to keep up and organize thoughts
  • Student recognizes words by sight
  • Student remembers faces but forget names
  • Student often has well developed imagination
  • Student is easily distracted by movement or action in the classroom
  • Student tends to be unaware of noise
  • Roughly 60% of students are visual learners.


Auditory Preference:

  • Student wants the teacher to provide verbal instructions
  • Student finds it easy to learn by listening
  • Student enjoys dialogues, discussions, and plays
  • Student often remembers names but forget faces
  • Student often does well working out solutions or problems by talking them out
  • Student is easily distracted by noise and often need to work where it is relatively quiet
  • Student often does best using recorded book



Read/Write Preference:

  • do best when they take notes either during a lecture or when reading something new or difficult
  • often like to draw or doodle to remember
  • do well with hands-on activities such as projects, demonstrations, or labs


Kinesthetic Preference:

  • do best when they are involved or active
  • often have high energy levels
  • think and learn best while moving
  • often lose much of what is said during lecture
  • have problems concentrating when asked to sit and read
  • prefer to do rather than watch or listen
  • Most children are kinesthetic and become more tactile in the first grade.



This site has a 20 question quiz to help you determine which is your learning style.


What is your learning style? Tell me below.

Next article: Strategies for your visual learning style


One thought on “Learning Styles and Language Learning

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