Strategies for your Auditory learning style


You should HEAR what you’ve been missing. If you are an auditory learner try these strategies.

  • Study in groups and talk things out
  • Get a small tape recorder
  • Record lectures, tutoring and study groups (makes a verbal record for review)
  • Reduce lecture notes to main ideas (3:1) and put them on tape
  • Read texts out loud or into recorder
  • Listen to lecture/text tapes while driving
  • Dictate papers, to be typed later
  • Read questions aloud
  • Work out problems aloud
  • Sit in the front of the class
  • Learn by participating in class discussions and debates
  • Make speeches and presentations
  • Create musical jingles or mnemonics to aid memorization
  • Use verbal analogies and story telling to demonstrate your point
  • Read explanations out loud
  • To learn a sequence of steps, write them out in sentences, then read them aloud
  • Explain ideas to other people
  • Recite, recite, recite
  • Discuss your ideas verbally whenever possible, even if you’re having a conversation with yourself!


This list is taken from:

What are some strategies that you use or will use?

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