Strategies for your Read/Write learning style



If you learn better by reading and writing try out these strategies.


  • Re-write your notes after class.
  • Use colored pens and highlighters to focus in on key ideas
  • Write notes to yourself in the margins
  • Write out key concepts and ideas


  • Compose short explanations for diagrams, charts, graphs
  • Write out instructions for each step of a procedure or math problem
  • Print out your notes for later review
  • Post note cards/post-its in visible places (when doing dishes, on the bottom of the remote, etc.)
  • Vocab mnemonics
  • Organize your notes/key concepts into a Powerpoint slideshow
  • Compare your notes with someone else’s
  • Repetitive writing
  • Hangman game



This list is taken from: file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/Study_Strategies_by_Learning_Styles.pdf

What are some strategies that you use or will use?

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