Strategies for your Kinesthetic learning style



If you learn better by Kinesthetic means try out these strategies.

  • Get hands on-in labs for example-don’t just watch someone else do it
  • Use models to study-of the human brain, DNA, etc.
  • Draw charts or diagrams of relationships
  • Skim through reading material to get a rough idea of what it’s about before looking for details
  • Use finger or bookmark as a guide while reading
  • Write, copy, underline and highlight with bright colors
  • Trace letters and words to learn spelling and to remember facts
  • Use the computer to edit and rewrite lecture notes
  • Take frequent study breaks
  • Write out everything
  • Transfer reduced information to flashcards
  • Move around to learn new things (i.e. read while walking or on an exercise bike, mold a piece of clay to learn a new concept)
  • Work in a standing position
  • Study or brainstorm while walking or working out
  • Study with a friend or group
  • Use a non-distracting movement while you learn (i.e. tapping pencil, shaking foot, chewing gum, holding something)
  • Chew a different flavor of gum with each subject you study
  • Try listening to non-distracting music
  • Use musical rhythms for memorization patterns
  • Make rearranging items a physical activity (don’t draw connecting arrows-put them on separate cards to physically rearrange)
  • Rewrite information to be remembered
  • Act things out (use gestures when speaking, point to material being read or discussed)



This list is taken from:

What are some strategies that you use or will use?


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