How to read in a foreign language and boost your vocabulary, part 3

library books

By Denise Doty

Before you dive into a book, article, newspaper or whatever you decide to read give some serious thought to what you should read. Think about your current level of fluency. Think about your reading goals. Think about what you are willing to do to reach your goals. Ask yourself how much time realistically do you have to spend on reading?

What is the best text to read?

  • Children’s books. 
    • Children’s books are easy. They introduce words slowly and repeat often.
  • Newspapers
    • Newspapers are concise and are written with words that are used frequently in everyday life.
  • Novels
    • Novels will teach you slang and idioms. How do people really say that?
  • Academic books. 
    • Here is where you will learn your specific vocabulary on a specific topic. These books tend to follow grammar rules.
  • Magazines
    • This resource offers a variety of topics from fashion to trains. The articles are usually short and contain both industry terms and slang, but are tended for the common person, making them fairly easy to understand.


For additional information on reading check out this post: Read, Read & Read some more

What’s your favorite thing to read?


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