How to read in a foreign language and boost your vocabulary, part 4


By Denise Doty

Ok, you’ve decided on what you are going to read, but before you read there are some pre-reading strategies that will you to reap the most benefits out of your reading. Pre-reading strategies will give you context and aid you in understanding your reading material.

How do you prepare to read in a foreign language?

  • Read in your native tongue first. 
    • If your goal is to learn about immigration than read about immigration in your native tongue before reading about immigration in your target language, this will assist in understanding complex concepts and words.
  • Understand what you are reading. 
    • That is, have a general understanding. If you are reading a novel than read a synopsis of the book in your own language first to understand it better.
  • Brainstorm. 
    • Think about the content that you are about to read. What issues will come up?
  • Skim. 
    • Take a look at what you are going to read. Look for any unfamiliar words that may cause you problems in understanding the text. Look up the meanings of the word and jot them down.

What strategies do you use before sitting down and reading?



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