How to read in a foreign language and boost your vocabulary, part 5

How to read in a foreign language

By Denise Doty

You’ve listed your goals, selected your reading material and followed your pre-reading strategies. Now it is time to dive in and read, so how do you do it?

How do you read in a foreign language?

  • Read the article all the way through, without looking up words.
    •  If it is an article, read it all the way through. If it is a novel, read an entire chapter.
  • Summarize. 
    • Summarize what you just read. List the characters and describe the plot, if it is a novel or list key points if you are reading an academic book, newspaper or magazine.
  • Read again, look up words. 
    • This time reread your material, underline the new words and take the time to research them.
  • Read again, one more time.
    • You’ve looked up words, you’ve read it twice. Now it is time to see how well you understand without looking up any more words.
  • Summarize, again. 
    • When you summarize, this time, be more specific. Did you understand more?
  • Read again and again.
    •  If the article is short and if you have time, I would suggest reading it over a few times throughout the day. This will help you memorize new words and phrases.

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