How to read in a foreign language and boost your vocabulary, part 6


By Denise Doty    

You’ve finished reading. Along the way you encountered new words and phrases, but how how do you retain this new information. The following are some tips to do exactly that.

How to remember all this new vocabulary?

  • Flashcards – 
    • Either use index cards or an online site that creates flashcards for you such as
  • Contextualize – 
    • On your flashcards, write not only the new vocabulary in the target language and in your native language but also write the sentence in which, you found it. Also include a picture that represents the word.
  • Mnemonic devices – 
    • are techniques a person can use to help them improve their ability to remember something.


Extra tidbits to help you get the most out of reading

            Establish a reading routine

            Read out loud

            Choose material where you know approximately 90% of the vocabulary

            Record yourself

            Read to someone


 The most important thing to remember about reading is simple to do it. Read for fun. Read for purpose. Read the same verse over and over again. Just Read it

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